Besharam wishes you a Happy Independence Day!

August 15th is India’s biggest day. On this day, we celebrate the day we achieved freedom, and acquired every right imaginable.

Including the right to shop on You, of course, knew that India’s largest adult store is a celebration of freedom, but did you also know that each one of our superhit items in our store celebrates freedom as well? Read on, as we tell you just how:

Bodywand Mini Massager: Freedom from zero orgasms, one orgasm, two orgasms, three orgasms, and so will go on, and on, and on. Plus, freedom from headaches too ;)

Edible candy handcuffs: Freedom through food - literally. If you’re tied up, you can’t ask for more than the power to eat your way out to independence, right ;)

Burlesque pasties: Freedom from the biggest problem in the world: seeing too little cleavage

Temp Ta-ta-ttoos: Freedom from forgetting how to read, because you just got two very important reminders - right in your face!

Fleshlight: Freedom from your girlfriend being ‘too tired’, or your girlfriend being too angry with you, or your girlfriend being too busy, or your girlfriend being too imaginary

1000 sex games: Freedom from thinking that Monopoly and Chess - and even Strip Poker - are really fun games. Also, can quickly translate into freedom from clothing items

Duelling Dickies: Freedom from real-fighting your best friends at your bachelorette party with swords because it’s so boring: fake-fight them with Duelling Dickies instead. After all, ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’ makes most sense if you remove the space between the first and second words, right?

Getting naked game: Freedom from - what else - clothes!