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As the most delicate of delicates, bras require special care to keep their shape. If your bras are washed, dried and stored correctly, they will longer and and give you more support.

Here are a few tips for keeping your bras from damaging and distoring.

1. Please follow the care instructions on their labels. Its important to treat the bra as per the type to which it belongs to.

2. Wash light and dark colours separately. Whites need a specific whites detergent (containing brightening agents to prevent greying).

3. To minimise buffeting in the washing machine, try putting your bras in a washbag or pillow case.

4. Padded bras last longer if they`re line dried. Tumble drying can distort the foam structure. Re-shape while damp.

5. Store bras flat in a drawer and for foam bras twist the cups so they sit one cup inside the other, which avoids turning one of the cups inside out.

6. For best support and elasticity, bras usually last for one year.