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Product Testing Policy

We are shoppers ourselves and we understand how important it is for the store you shop from 
to ensure that the product you purchased never arrives defective or malfunctioning. We also 
realize that you have ordered this product to be used intimately and for special moments and
occasions. So, we go an extra step and test any such products (electrical or battery operated)
to ensure that it is in perfect working condition and the other items (apparel, products etc) are
free of any manufacturing defect and meeting a quality control that our customers-

You, expect of us. 

What we do during Quality Inspection?

1. We inspect the package and make sure it is NEW and it has all accessories if part of the product.
2. We inspect for any sign of defect if the product doesn't have a manufacturers seal.
3. If the product runs on electricity, we plug it in the wall and test if its working.
4. If the product runs on batteries, we insert in the batteries and test if its working. 
5. if the product is a costume/apparel/accessory we check for the manufacturers seal, if they have
it we consider it already quality inspected, if it doesn't, we quick open to check if there is no defect
in the product and we reseal it like original after the inspection.
6. If the product is Silicone or Rubber Jelly, we ensure it has a manufacturers seal, if not, we quick
open and visually check for any defects before repackaging it back in the original packaging.


Note: Few instances to be aware of:

-During Product Testing, if we find a defective product, we have to send it back for replacement.
This may delay your order by a few days, but dont worry, we shall notify you over email in case something like this has to happen and will try our best to get the replacement in ASAP so we can
ship it to you with the rest of your order.
-For testing the product, we might have to break open a product seal. This call is taken by the warehouse team as they know which brands to expect reliability and which to test for functionality.
Rest assured, if we have to break open the seal, we will repackage it with our in-house seal and
ship it to you in its original packaging or a brand new packaging as the situation deems necessary.
-We never resell any items that have been returned to us in an 'open' condition. They are either
sent back to the manufacturer or donated for purpose of research or charity.