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About Salim - CEO of Besharam

About Salim

Hi I'm Salim, one of the proud founders of www.imbesharam.com. 

I harbor a tremendous passion for new and insightful things, and have a gift of closely predicting the trends that could impact tomorrow. Migrating to the U.S. in the mid 90,s was one of the initial major changes i endeavored, since then i have been living the American dream, born and raised in the culture rich country of India, i inherited the fanatism for movies, music and embraced the religion of sports. I am a sucker for creativity and intelligence. I love travelling and meeting people from all around the world, all walks of life. I strongly believe that thousands of years of evolution and we have yet to tap the vascuosity of the human mind. Life is very much like a game of football, you run, you fall, you get hurt, you get up run and you score. 

So here's my motto..Life is a sport... Chicks dig scars.... the pain goes away.... but the glory well the glory lasts forever..... Always be yourself and believe in yourself... Welcome to the world of BESHARAM.