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About Raj - COO of Besharam


We are all born equal..its upto us how fast we want to run.
Born & brought up In India I have many many memories and moments that have influenced what I am today.Now a proud Indian-American, I stay updated with events and happenings in India, news, lifestyle, sports, TV & Bollywood and yes, breathing yoga. I have been a part of many small business startups, most of them succesfull which has enriched my experience in various aspects of entrenuership.. I like to travel and visit different parts of the world and experience their food & culture like a local. I love staying active and playing sports, less watching it. I also enjoy my favorite TV shows and the new genre bollywood movies...If I had not been doing an online store, I probably would have been producing a bollywood hollywood crossover movie.. 
When I have spare time (wish there were 48hrs in a day) I like to go to the beach, check out the new restaurant in town or just go for a walk or bike in the neighborhood..but most often the damned TV has something too interesting to let go off !
Enough of me..I am glad you are here on our site, and we hope you have a great experience to remember and share with your friends..and some with your family too :)    Ciao